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I will never be able to tell enough people in my lifetime that Great River Harley Davidson in Onalaska WI is truly a once in a lifetime business. Every time my husband and I are there we are greeted and treated with nothing but respect and the most genuine team of employees we have ever met. No one follows us around hounding us trying to make a sale and everyone is happy to answer any question we may have about any product in the store from socks to bikes someone has the info and gives it with a smile. My husband and I were tossing around the idea of upgrading his bike even though it was a 2021 and with just a few questions on what we were thinking and where we were comfortable making changes Brody put hours of work over the next few days with every possible option for my husband and myself on something that may work for us. This is probably my favorite aspect of Great River the time they give everyone on an individual basis and dedication to help anyone they can. It wasn't to make a sale as we were still undecided and at no point with all of the things we went over was there any pressure to make a move. Not often you can find people to give you a few minutes of their time let alone hours of their time on no guarantee of selling anything and being happy just to provide you with information. Matthew was very informative while Craig (my husband) test drove and looked around at all of the beautiful bikes on the showroom floor and Symon fantastic work running numbers and getting us where we felt comfortable. Knowing we were most likely upgrading Craig went to Mike with questions and options on different parts to make the bike what we needed and wanted to make it our own. Never in my lifetime did I ever imagine my favorite store to be at would be a Harley Davidson one but it is and I will never be able to thank all of them enough for making me feel valued and respected as a person. Once again this is why we buy from Great River as EVERY single time is memorable and truly unique. Personally I will never buy a bike from another dealer for the rest of my life as there is no need to go anywhere but the one place they have or will get anything I'm looking for. So this is my message to anyone who sees this and please tell everyone you know as well Great River Harley Davidson is a must for everyone's bucket list and if for nothing else just to meet the most amazing people in the world. Thank you to all of you at Great River Harley Davidson for everything you do! (Employee: Brody Meier, Matthew Fisk, Symon Ely, MIke Ours)
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Kristal Ross
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